Life and Work in WI

For my friends and relatives who ask how I’m doing in WI, here’s a brief snapshot of where I work and live. Sorry for having you wait weeks upon weeks, Ed!

And for those who would prefer not to watch a short clip, here are some pictures:

A view of our second campus. From left to right, you can see the following buildings: Juno, Isis, Heaven, and part of our first campus.

This is the building that I work in, Kohoutek, next to Juno.

Look at all the Arizona Green Tea!!! These are the free drinks in our cafeteria.

Me in my office. It's quite spacious, I must say.

The lower left corner of the building is my apartment. What is that you ask? Why is there a car so conspicuously parked in the foreground? Oh, that would be my 05 Acura TSX. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

A view of the dining room of my apartment. You can see the kitchen and entrance to the left, my room almost straight ahead, and the living room to the slight right. I love not paying rent in LA.

2 Responses to Life and Work in WI

  1. Ed says:

    You live next to Heaven?! Amazing.

    Thx for the update 🙂 I hope the next one will be about what God is teaching you there. Maranatha.

  2. jonathan says:

    Haha, I opted for the photo-tour.. Thanks for the pics, Chris! I like your apartment! When are we hanging out in Chicago? haha

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